söndag 6 januari 2013

Project Life | Week 1 2013

Here we go! Week 1!

This is the first page. I added a subway art print and a list of photos I want to take. The feet photos are a instagram project that I did to record my New years Eve. 
The rest of the page is dedicated to my daughters and my lists of things we want to focus on during 2013. I slipped our journalingcards right in and added a clear plastic to add the title to.

Here is a view of how the plastic works. 

I actually cooked meals (!) 3 days in a row! Just needed to record that! Ha! So I made an extra insert for the Instagram photos. 

The second page also  holds some of my daughters hundreds of selfportraits posted to her Instagram :)
The fact that the sun made it out several times this week! 
And I baked bread (yum) and had sweet friends over on saturday. I was kind of stumped (thats a first) on what to include in the last pocket, so I added a calender page I downloaded from a pin. They are really full paper size pdf´s but I used the "several pages" option when I printed them out. 

Ok, so that´s week 1, only 51 more to go! 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gonna get started on mine this week!
    Thanks for the inspiration - I'm doing my own version too!

    1. I look forward to follow your PL, Patti!

  2. Where did you find the fab Happy New Year printable shown in the first pocket on your first page?

  3. Hi Leslie, I am sorry that I didn´t link to the source before! Here it is: http://eighteen25.blogspot.se/p/subway-art-collection.html

    They have lots of subway art freebies!