tisdag 15 januari 2013

Project Life | week 2

Project Life 2013 week 2. 

As you can see this is a no-insert kind of spread. I think my "problems" of filling the spreads these two passed weeks has to do with the fact that I really don´t want this project to be all about me. For me it is super important to tell the familys story (my daughters, mine, the pets and extended family). Anyway, I am working on including different stuff, we´ll see how it goes.

On Monday my girl went back to school after a long Christmas break and we both took screen shots of our alarms. Hello, everyday!
I was sad on Tuesday and shared 2 Instagrams from the day. I tend to clean and purge after being sad these days so I journaled about that too. 

I baked again that week and the snow came back. It has felt abit uneasy around here lately, bith of us in bad moods and far to sensitive. I journaled about that.
My new hair cut, that I love! And finally a blurry photo that my daughter caught of me in my craftroom infront of the computer; my happy place!

I plan to write a post about the Apps I use and how I use them to help me in PL, watch for that later this week if you are interested.

Ps. In the spread I have used the Seafoam kit and a journalingcard kit from Jessica Sprauge.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Lisa - I finally started my PL too! I'm using my own book & filler pages. I'm doing an 8 1/2 x 11 book, is that what you use?
    If so, where do you get your pages that have the four 4x6 pockets? I'm not able to find that format......yet.

    1. Patti go to this post http://elisabetottosson.blogspot.se/2012/11/project-life-my-plastics.html and also read the comments, I think that can help!

  2. This looks awesome!! Great idea to include the alarm clocks and even a blurry photo of you in your happy craft place :)

  3. Great layout. I love how you included some not so happy stuff. That's not always easy to include, but just as much a part of life as the happy things.

  4. Your pages are interesting, I'm also trying to include more thoughts, feelings, moods and also include more of my family's life. It's hard! :)