onsdag 30 januari 2013

Project Life | week 4

Week 4

I used almost all Instagram photos this week, which is more the norm lately. I love that I have a camera in my pocket almost at all times!
This was a normal week with not much extra to record. My daughter is having a tough time right now, so my energy goes to making her feel better.
It was very cold this week so the word of the week was certainly cold :)

I got 2 suprise package this week and took photos of them and slipped the notes underneath. I love having these kinds of notes in my albums and did this several times last year!
Me and Melvin ventured down to the water this week on a sunshiny wonderfully cold afternoon. Saturday I was in the city with a friend.

I printed out my blog post titled Right now and slipped it under the photo and title Current list. I love to include these also. I typically also include my daughters list, but she wasn´t feeling it this week.
That´s it, on to the next!

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