tisdag 1 januari 2013

Moving forward into 2013

Here are the projects that I am going to do (continue to do) in 2013. I always feel that writing them down and share them here holds me more accountable ;) 

I am certainly doing the PL project again in 2013. It has seriously changed how I think about memorykeeping! This is the thing I want to do, record our everyday lives! I am so happy that I kept up with this project all 52 weeks! It is amazing! 

I am still going to do traditional scrapbooking pages. And I will keep taking the stories from the PL album and make a page when the story needs to be recorded in a deeper way. I might slip the scrapbook page into the PL album depending on how many I´ll make. 

This project has been another one of my favorites! I am always pinning cool stuff I want to make, and sharing them with you all just makes it even more fun! 

This is so true; I craft all the time. It is my escape I guess. I craft when I am happy. I craft when I am sad. It has gone so far that I can´t watch TV without a project in my hands ;)

I will do my Re-Scrap project this year too. Why not continue with something that obviously made scrap, right?! 

Maybe there will be some more set projects that I will find during the year, but this is the plan for now. 

What projects are you doing in 2013?

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