lördag 7 juli 2012

WCS Write. saturday | Thank you...

it is time for the Write. saturday at WCS! Amy has a few journaling challenges for you, go check them out!
i did a layout and took the challenge to thank everyday things. it was so much fun!

thank you...

- alarmclock for actually getting me up eventually!
- coffeemaker for brewing a nice cup of coffee every morning!
- computer for giving me the chance to connect and catch up on my  - friends lives that have been going on while i slept!
- bike for getting me to work and for being so cute!
- work for leading me to you and for letting me with wonderful, amazing and magicl kids all day!
- forest for inviting me and the dogs for pretty walks each day!
- craftroom for being there smacked full with supplies every day!
- TV for a bit of down time in the evening!
- waterhose for helping me water and put the plants and blooms to be for the night!
- book for letting me escape thi world for a bit before sleep!
- bed for being so comfortable and cozy!
- life for another day!

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