onsdag 11 juli 2012

Summer minibook | update #2

we are home from vacation but i still have a few pages in my summer minibook that i did while we were away that i haven´t shown you. 

the left page is obviously a big photo and on that i have journaled about how i am so sick of the rain! and the right page is one of my favorites so far! i printed out my photos in a square format and when i went into my stash found that they fitted perfectly on the manilla tags. the journaling talks about how i love that me and my daughter loves to spend time together. 

right page: i had my watercolors with me while on vacation and just played around with them making these hearts one night. i took a Instax photo that i really love (i am still learning the settings etc.) and added it to the page. i am going to add some details to the page later. 

left page: here is my first today page for the summer. i still love how current that makes my book!

and i wanted to include a photo of my workplace during vacations not so rainy days :)

here is my first update of the summer minibook!

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