fredag 6 juli 2012

Magic Monday (on a friday) | vacation

i was going to share this post on monday, making it a real Magic Monday post. but as we cut our vacation a bit short i wanted to just say i am back home again. 

my husband got a fever late last week and i got it last night. as we were still in the camper we looked at the weather forecast it said rain, rain, rain. we decided we would just pack up and head home. i was actually delighted, i am a homebody and was really missing the cats and my garden ;)

we did have a wonderful vacation although we had sooo much rain. 
the nature was magical and our view was too. we were gifted with beautiful sunsets and the chance to experience spending time with eachother, even though my daughter gave up a week into it and fled to her grandmother ;)

it was magic driving up to the house. the grass had grown so much and my garden, wow! it had just exploded! i can´t wait until my fever is gone so i can go out and mow the lawn and get to work on some weeding.

until then i am going to work in my summer mini so i can have another update for you very soon and i am doing a fun post for write click scrapbook for next week! 

happy friday!

1 kommentar:

  1. What is this thing you speak of called "rain"??
    We haven't seen rain in Michigan for weeks! We haven't mowed our yard in weeks! The only "rain" our flowers & veg's see is that from a sprinkler.
    Although I love a hot summer, I do miss the rain right now.
    Hope you feel better soon.