tisdag 31 juli 2012

Re-scrap 2012 | July - the pages

yes! i managed to make the Re-scrap pages for July too! and i must say that i totally needed the kick in the you know what to get these stories down! 

older page

new page: i really wanted to have this photo in my scrapbook album, but it had been sitting on my table since early june. i am happy that i finally used it! this is me and my sisters kids!

older page

new page: i see now that this is a bit blurry! i will have to change that photo out later. this is a first/last schoolday photo thing. while i was punching out the hearts to use here, i had the negative strip of the pink paper laying ontop of my page and i decided to use that also.

older page

new page: this is my daughter on her final day of school :) which is kind of funny since she loves school haha!
i am so happy about how this turned out!

i will be back in the beginning of august with another edition of Re-scrap!

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