tisdag 24 juli 2012

Project Life | week 29

wow! it is amazing that i have done this for 29 weeks! i am feeling this is going to be one of my very favorite projects this year!

here is the spread. i had an extra 4 pockets this week.

the stories: my husband started using facebook! this is a small miracle :)
we harvested our first zuchinis from the garden and more strawberries, raspberries and sallad.
this was my first week back to work after my summer vacation and i worked in the school kitchen temping for them there.
dixon snuggles and i love the colorful flowers in my garden.

here is a better look at that insert. i added the photos from this now and then post to a page protector cut in half.


i like how i included the progress of my garden (that means so much to me) in the albums throughout.

more stories: my daughter spend the week on Mallorca with her biological father and she send 2 long text messages to my cell phone. i would have loved to take a cool screenshot, but alas i don´t have a very fancy phone, i typed them out on my vintage typewriter instead. talk about contrasts!
i photographed a bunch of amazing runners this week (more here!).
we spend saturday evening at my sisters bbq-ing and letting the dogs play alot!
sunday was a lazy day editing photos and just lounging.

we watched alot of the coverage from norway as they had a day of remembrance  since it was one year ago they had a bomb on oslo and a man killed 69 young people on a youth camp. 
one more week down and 23 to go! 

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