tisdag 3 juli 2012

Project Life | The stories

ok, so i got an email from a friend asking if i can share the stories in my PL posts since she and i guess most of you don´t read swedish ;)
i thought i´d do a seperate post about the stories right here!

so starting at the upper left corner and just going left to right:

one day i took Melvin for a long wet walk in the rain and he was shuddering after we got home and my daughter wrapped him in the blanket. he looked so pittyful so i had to take a photo!

next is a photo my daughter took of us on the first day on vacation when we woke up to sunshine and we could eat breakfast outside.

my daughter was reading a book and said: "it is so cool when a book can give you shivers down your spine" and it prompted me to record what we were all reading right then. i have done that before and i like to see that in my album.

ok, so on the next row another of my daughters photos she took of me sitting on the beach crochetting. i started a cowl on day one of our camper vacation and i will have to show you it soon as it is finished!

the next photo of my daughters legs as she runs on the beach is just another photo of an everyday activity that i wanted to add.

our camper has it´s back window facing the lake and we get beautiful sunsets in our "panorama" window!

the last photo of my daughters and my feet at the beach represents how we always hang out and loving spending time together.

again starting in the upper left corner.

me and my husband went out fishing in our boat one night and it was magical.

my husband and daughter were out shopping one day and came home with this asortment of doughnuts and we had a little tasting session :)

next row: one day we heard a small plane circling over the camping site and i said wow it is one of those planes that can land on water and my husband said cool maybe it will land out there. and it totally did! and it "parked" on our beach for a while!

the strawberry photo represent the only summerfeeling we felt that week since it was such bad weather.

the last card has journling with how i just felt so bleh with what the rain did to our tent making everything wet several times.

hm, that was kinda fun, maybe i will add the stories to my PL weekly shares more often, is that something you want?

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