måndag 16 juli 2012

Project Life | Week 27 + 28

i missed sharing my project life pages last week so i have combined my week 27 +28 in this post. 

this week we were still on holiday going home for the weekend, so most is from there. 

my daughter gave up on our rainy camper holiday so she was rescued by her grandmother :) it was me and my husband for the last week. we had some beautiful sunsets that we celebrated with walks by the water. and we indulged in some resturant food together and on those sunny days it almost felt like we actually were on summer holiday! my daughter reported from the strawberry fields at home with a texted picture that made me happy!

the last days we met that little puppy up there and he had to be in my projecy life album because he made a big impact on us! we almost got away with stealing him ;)
my husband rarely goes clothes shopping but this week he did and it had to be recorded! i love the look of that tag that came with his hat so i knew i wanted to include that. 

on friday when we were on our way home we heard that one of the ferries that takes us to and from our island was in an accident, so the last bit of the trip was a bit caotic, but boy did it feel good to be home!

we took up our first homegrown potatoes and i high fived myself for being able to grow my own veggies! 

i have had that peony for years and it has bloomed like once before. so i was sure i was going to miss it this year, but amazingly it bloomed the day after we got home. happy!

week 28

i recieved my stamp that i ordered from elise and it is so cool!
you can see a more detailed photo below, but i stamped the stamp with some yellow ink as the background on the card and used her buisness card and such from the package.

thursday was july 12th, so it was time for Take Twelve i printed my 12 photos on one 6x4 card and tucked a manilla tag behind it with some journaling. 

i had a date with that cue baby and her mama on monday. i used my watercolors to make the background on that card. fun!

and this week i made like 20 jars of strawberry jam so i knew i had to include a photo and the story of that. 

this was also the week we got the news that my husband was excepted to the university that he wanted! yay! more on that later.

the backside of the extra page (which i forgot to take a photo of!)  has a status update from my sister and her family on vacation in turkey. 
and a story about how both we and the cats thinks it is nice to be home. 
and also a photo and a journaling card (where i also used watercolors) of a friends family that came to visit.

 melvins former owners came for a visit on saturday.

and sunday was my last day of summer vacation...


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  1. You are a project life rock star. :)

  2. your album is stunning, beautiful, creative, original and out of this world PRICELESS!!!

    1. Gosh! Thank you very much!