onsdag 18 juli 2012

WCS | Summertime daily post #2

my second summertime blog post went up on the WCS blog yesterday. did you know that we take turns in the summertime and that a new team member blogs each day?!! it is awesome! 
i decided to take advantage of the awesome round-up post that marnie wrote last month that is packed full with scrapbooking inspiration.

Journaling #20 + Design #16

The first one is number 20 on the list of journaling ideas is "something that made me happy today was…" and number 16 on the design idea list was "use your washi tape for journaling strips." I listed a few things I was happy about that day and printed the list out on my computer, then cut it up to strips. On my background paper I layered my tape and just simply added the journaling strips to the tape!

Journaling #06 + Design #09

The second page is number 6 on the journaling list (how I celebrated my birthdays as a child). Since my grandmother passed away earlier this year we have been going through her things and we got to take the photos we wanted from her (big) collection. I had seen a few of these photos of my first birthday before but as I went through the boxes I collected a whole series of them; from the cake preparations to the photo of everyone wipeing me of after me grabbing the cake. I also used design idea number 9 (try layering your photo mattes, tipping each layer slightly askew).  

Journaling #14 + Design #11

On the third layout I used journaling idea number 14, to record something that is ending. I chose to journal my feelings about my daughter growing up and starting a new chapter as she begins junior high. I paired this with design idea is number 11, and layered my letter stickers onto of my photo.

now please go check that list out! 

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