lördag 14 juli 2012

A giftalbum

when my daughter started her last school semester in grade 6 in january of this year, i decided to make her a little simple photoalbum with random photos of this time in her life. this is very much inspired by stacy julians 180 days mini that she made for her son that graduated high school. 

now, this is not an album where i have spent days making. or wait well i have kind of because i have obviously collected photos during a few months :) but what i mean is that it is not embellished really. i have added some tags or words strips to a few photos but that is pretty much it. 

at first i wanted to add journaling in a few slots, but changed my mind. i wanted this to her album that she could show her friends and they don´t have to know all my mushy feelings about her growing up way to fast :) 
i did however list her current favorite music and left 2 pages for her to journal herself. 

i wanted to show this page because it is the most embellished one, just so you get the feel of how simple this project is! 

i love that i gave her this! love it!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for sharing this Lisa! I did not know this project from Stacy Julian and am thinking of doing it at some point for my son :)

    1. I am happy that you feel inspired!

  2. Your daughter will treasure this!

    1. I know that I would have!