måndag 30 juli 2012

Project Life | week 30

here is my 30th week of doing Project Life. this week was one of those i  would have rather just forgot about, but as i try to keep things real in my album i ofcourse did this week anyway :)

here is the spread. as you can see i really just did it, no extra things and embellishments or anything. i did include a photo mosaic as an extra.

my daughter spend last wee (29) on Mallorca with her biological father (we were there in 2006!) she came home this week and we were so happy to have her home again. i included 4 of her photos that she took while there. i am going to ask her to write a few sentences about the trip and i will then have them in this spread too.

i got two new books this week: elevate the everyday and expressive photography.
and our first sunflowers bloomed.

here is a shot of the second page that shows the insert.

this is on the backside of the insert. it is a quote i found around the internet this week and something that hit home with me.

we saw the olympic starting at my inlaws house.
bruce springsteen was playing in gothenburg and we went to have a picnic and listened outside. but we had some crazy crazy rain on that night so we didn´t make it downtown. we did hear him sing the night before though :)

saturday was just horrible. it had to do with my anxiety problems and i am not going into it more than this that i shared on flickr going with that photo: yesterday sucked. it was hard. it was scary.

sunday me and my husband took the dogs to the park and we also saw the penguins. my very favorite! i included the instax photo by just putting it ontop of the regular 4x6 photo. 

that is it. moving on!

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