söndag 1 juli 2012

Project Life | week 26

here is my 26th week of Project Life 2012. 
this is also my second week that i have completed in our camper ;)

i think this is my favorite looking spread this far!
i used marcy penners Simple vol.2 journaling cards and i love how they added some color to the pages. i used a square format on my photos throughout the spread which matched with the journaling cards. 

i have taken a few photos with my Instax camera and i added the doughnut photo and wrote down which was which as we had a little tasting! 
if you want to read more about the embroidery titles i posted about that earlier today!

i had a thought about this project this week. i have always been an everyday scrapbooker, which means that i have always tried to capture the everyday kind of things about me and my family. but sometime late last year i felt like i was done. don´t get me wrong, i know that life always changes and that the routines change etc. but i felt like i couldn´t make any more pages about what i love, what i do each day, how my daughter does her homework etc. i felt like i just was repeating myself. but prokect life has helped me with that, i can still record the everyday in this album and go more in-depth in my scrapbook pages. it feels good to figure out these things really!

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  1. This is an awesome spread indeed and I really like your input on how the PL changed your thinking on scrapbooking... that is the only reason why I am tempted to try it some day... I didn't want to do it just because "everyone else" is doing it but rather to see how it would change my approach to memory keeping... the idea is still brewing in my head :) Thank you for sharing!