tisdag 8 februari 2011

virtual coffee

welcome to todays virtual coffee! i am glad to see you here!

so, if we were really meeting for coffee today, i´d sadly tell you that i can´t drink coffee right now. after my recent stomach flu issues my tummy just can´t take coffee. oh, well i´ll have some hot cocoa instead, no biggy :)

if we were really meeting for coffee today, i would tell you that i finally began writing my first paper for the class i am taking this semester. it was so hard to get going
 and had me worried for a while, but now i am almost finished. i am like that alot, like the ketchup effect :) the next session is today and i am really looking forward to it!

if we were really meeting for coffee today, i would tell you that almost all our snow is gone! the last couple of days has been in the positive degrees and a bit of rain. although i cannot wait until spring, i so dislike this time of year when everything is just wet, soaking and yucky :(
i want my lawn green and soft. i want to see blooms in the flowerbeds. and laundry hanging outside...

if we were really meeting for coffee today, i would tell you that i crafted up a storm this past weekend and now my hands are like on detox or something. i have craft-withdrawl :) i hope that i find something to make very soon, i always seem to do :)

oh, and before you go please let me put some of these in a bag for you ♥

6 kommentarer:

  1. i love your photos -- the kitty one is precious! yes, i will take two muffins :) delish!

  2. hot cocoa sounds good to me :) i have been rafting up a storm, too... i go to sleep thinking about what i can make tomorrow... then wake up and have to go to work and try to hurry the day away!!! hope your inspiration comes soon!

  3. I LOVE your photos!! So pretty and the colors are gorgeous! Sorry about your tummy troubles...the hot cocoa sounds amazing though!

  4. Hot cocoa and muffins! I'm OK for this! Thank's a lot! (and your cat seems to take life on the good way!)

  5. Lisa- I want green grass and flowers and sunshine and to not actually rush to my car every morning because I am freezing!! I can't say it enough...i want Spring! Now! I hope you are feeling better and back to normal soon! Great pictures, always look forward to your posts and photos!

  6. ooo those muffins look delicious! hope you have better weather coming you way this week!