torsdag 17 februari 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 7 roundup + new theme


i liked our theme this week, didn´t you? i love viewing the world by raising my eyes a bit. i have mentioned here on the blog a few times before and it still hits me everytime. when you look a bit higher than you usually do, you can see remarkable things.

i also love to see your photos in the flickr pool! they are awesome! we have had 20 photos on the theme this week (i am writing this in the morning of the 17th)!
i would love to know your thoughts on doing with your photos at the end of this journey? a photobook? a mini scrapbook? what?

week 8´s theme is: city


52 photos in 52 weeks is a collaborated photoproject between Monika Wright and Lisa Ottosson...and 107 other members in the flickr group! every week for 2011 we will have a photography theme/prompt that we interpret and post. in the end we will have atleast 52 photos from the year 2011. and we have becomecloser friends in the process!

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