torsdag 24 februari 2011

scrapbook yourself {day 2} from Write Click Scrapbook

this was my second post on my hosting week at Write Click Scrapbook. enjoy!

Hi there! I am glad that I didn´t scare you off with my topic yesterday :) Let´s get started, eh!

One easy way to get started with scrapbooking yourself is to use the good old list method. Yes, list things about yourself! You can really go any way here, but from experience I know that it is far easier to list happy and lovable things rather than negative things. So, let´s go the happy way , shall we?! Go ahead and list things that bring you joy and comfort! Here are a few examples:

Here I have listed stuff I love, for example: good movies and love, vanilla scent and crisp sheets, calenders and photography, to laugh with children. I just let my mind roll and wrote down whatever came to mind.

25 things I never get tired of, for example: romantic comedies, happy mail, fresh air, eating chocolate, going to the library.

You know those tag clouds on blogs? Well, they can also be called categories, right? Well, one day I decided to make one about me; my life categories: everyday, depression, travels, kids, shopping, lists.

Bethany Crowell made a page listing 10 things that makes her happy. Such a fun page

Lisa has listed things she loves, a lovely way to share things about herself.

Wow! Marnie shares a whopping 60 of her favorite things on ONE layout!

Just as a bit of help here is a pdf download I made with a list of things that you can list :)

Lisa ♥

this post was originally posted on Write Click Scrapbook on February 22nd 2011

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  1. HVad glad jag är att jag har hittat hit! Vilka fina foton, innerliga ord och ljuvliga layouter. Hit kommer jag tillbaks. Ha en underbar helg! Kram!