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Scrapbooking yourself {day 3} from Write Click Scrapbook

Welcome to day three! Today we are going to focus on the everyday things in life that you would like to remember.
During my 30th year on this earth, I made many "30" lists as I called them. My favorite type of "30 list" are the ones I made listing 30 things I wanted to remember about right then. And, yes, 30 things can be a lot to come up with, but I love that it made me really think about smaller things in life too. Of course you are free to list as many or as few things as you please, but I urge you to really think about the stuff that you put on your list.

In November of that year these were the things I wanted to remember about right then: that I had trouble concentrating, that I longed for Christmas, that love can be intoxicating, that breakfasts at the computer are yum, that fresh air can sometimes feel magical... See, not your typical list maybe?

I see it as a snapshot of then and there! I love that!

I have also done pages titled “right now” which are also bits of life, a time capsule if you like!

To make it easier on this layout, I used a list; right now I read, I eat, I drink, I love, I hate, I watch, I wish, I feel, I listen to, I want, I plan, I think. Go ahead, make your own!

Amy also did a currents page using pre made phrases.

Our own Celeste Smith shares this cute page about what she loved right now (then!). Easy enough, right?!

Ally listed 45 thought on being 45! An awesome way to use the right now theme. And what a treasure to have later in life!

Here I quickly shared my daily stops on internet.

Christy has such a cute "right now" page!

There are so many other things that you can record about how your everyday life looks like right now. For example:

What you do when the kids are at school, if you are a SAHM.
When you have a free day, what do you do?
Describe a typical morning, but focus on you, not the kids.
Your night ritual.
What are the emails about that you get on an ordinary day.
Are there any TV shows you watch everyday?

Well the list can go on really.

I hope that you will join us tomorrow! It´s giveaway day!

Lisa ♥

this post was originally posted on February 23rd 2011 on Write Click Scrapbook.com

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