torsdag 3 februari 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 5 roundup and new prompt

wow! thats all i have to say about this weeks posts to our flickr group! you did good!

a few of your photos didn´t show up in the mosaic so i took them of, but just vist the group then you can see them!

i liked this past weeks theme. letter are really all around us, everywhere and it is so much fun to go on a letter scavanger hunt! i wanted to do that but then we all got sick and very busy :(
i did however post a few more photos to the group because i did have a few in my archives that i dug up :)
i did take the above photo this week though. i tried out my new old typewriter for that!

ok, next weeks prompt is: morning

if i loved evening, i think morning trumph that :)
and i wanted to link you to a photographer that does alot of morning photos that i love. i hope that you can get a few ideas from there, but i know that you all are so creative already!

have fun!

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