måndag 7 februari 2011

one little word: the restart

so, in reference to my post last week about my word of the year-regret, i hereby present to you the restart!
i was stunned that my new word has come to me just like Ali E described it in her post:

"This year the word light seemed to be trying to catch my attention.
I found it in books, in magazines, in music, in conversations and in quiet moments."

and especially since i publically announced it, it turns up everywhere! it makes me so happy and even more certain that this is the right word!
as i said in my last post, i have included my first entries in my album and the little note i wrote when i had decided to switch words. i love that it is all in there.

i made the album from start again and it felt good!

and since my sweetie Monika send me some of those page protectors, i went ahead and used Ali´s template! i added a few photos of things that encourages me. i can´t wait to get going with our next assignment! oh, and i am about to add some bits and pieces i have found here and there that is all about my word: choice

ps. for those of you wondering, yes i am doing the whole project in english, it does just feel like the right thing to do.

get your Love day decorations here!

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