lördag 5 februari 2011

finished is good!

oh, how i love the feeling of missions complete!

i love my dad! ps.if you think that we both look kinda sick it´s because i used a effect i found on picknic.com :) and i used my new old typewriter! whohoo!

i don´t know if you see it, but for some reason i did a 2 piece layout :) i don´t know what came over me! i love that photo of my girl with my cute nieces!

have you tried these embellished hoop things? i L.O.V.E it! it is so much fun! i made these two last night infront of the tv, so they are easy and quick too! this past week i happened upon this blog post by ashley and it just made me finally do it!

grattis = happy birthday

there are so many possibilities with these and the hoops, which i buy at thrift shops, costs like half a dollar or something and the fabric are only scraps so thats no cost at all. plus it helps me get rid of said scraps since my wardrobe where i keep them is overflowing :)

oh, and here is another great post from ashley on hoops :)

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