torsdag 3 februari 2011

one little word: word regret

i have a bad case of word-regret :) you know i chose the word PLAY as my one little word this year and started the whole ali class thing and everything...but i need to change my word. i still think that if i explain what in the word i like, it´s is still there, but i am going to change it...i am going to change it to :CHOICE as in i need to make more conscious choices to play, let loose, dance have fun etc.

so, i am going to start over, but still include my first entries in the album, because i like that it shows that i have really been thinking about this project hard. i choose to do that!

1 kommentar:

  1. i have no idea of the original thread of this post, but i love your new word...i love the choice of choosing to let loose...let go of the stuff that doesn't really matter, even though we make it matter too much...plopping down with the kids and making up a new game...sitting with coffee and putting the laptop down. ah...these need to be my choices today. thanks for the reminder, dear!