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Scrapbooking yourself {day 4} from Write Click Scrapbook

Hi there! Today I am going to talk a bit about scrapbooking both the good and the bad. This far we have focused more on the fun and happier things in life, but we all know that we are not always on top of the world. And I have found that it is equally important to record how "real" life can be. On my blog I have shared scrapbooking layouts about my feelings about infertility and sickness and I love that they are there in my albums!

Late last summer I had a cancer scare and this is a layout I did in the midst of it all. It helped me a whole lot at the time; to get the story down and the creative time I had while I put it together. You can go here to read more about it.

Here is another layout where I share my love for my garden and how it has helped me during my depression.

Nancy shares her thoughts on being or becoming brave.

Sometimes we need reminders or as I call them Notes to self!

A note to myself to let go and be more free!

and to just live life!

This is Francine Cloudens take on the Note to self theme.I got my drivers licence just almost 2 years ago and my gosh was I proud of myself! Of course that is going in the album!

I am pretty sure people who looks through your albums will treasure honest pages like these. And if you do feel uncomfortable having them in the family album, just have them in a private one that you only share with your closest.

It is also fun to include pages that celebrates you! Like this one I did about having self confidence, which is awesome!


And the feelings I had at the time when I made this layout about the thoughts on body changes after childbirth...

It can also be small things, but big accomplishments! I had tried over and over for a very long time to make an origami crane. I finally did it!

But the most difficult page I have done, I think, is this one where I listed things that I am good at. Let me tell you that it wasn´t easy coming up with anything :)

ok, these are a few examples of good and not so good things that you can include when you scrapbook yourself. Now go ahead and think about the things you can include in the scrapbooks about yourself...

Lisa ♥

Ps.As always don´t forget to share your pages/projects in the flickr group!

Ps. Wasn´t that an awesome giveaway yesterday! YAY to the winners!

this post was originally posted on the Write Click Scrapbook blog on february 26th 2011

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  1. very cool layouts! I'm stupid but i just can't talk about myself in scrap! think i will try again now ;)