tisdag 15 februari 2011

virtual coffee ~ love edition

i know that love day was technically yesterday, but i still want todays virtual coffee to be about love. so, if we were to meet for real today i would tell you that i love...

...us. i really do. i love that we are the people that belong together. that we are a family. that we have ups and downs. i love that we have so much fun together.

...the color yellow. i love that it screams for my attention everywhere these days. maybe it is because it is such a cheerful color?!

...the fact that my daughter takes awesome photos! i absolutely adore looking through the memory card when she has borrowed my camera. i love her angles and perspective. i love that we share this love together!

...sally. i love that silly, silly cat! i love that she becomes snugglier every day. i love all her little quirks that makes her well, her.

...photography. i really do. it brings me so much joy and happiness that it is hard to even explain. i love to see photos also. i love having them around me. around the house.

...our little island. i love our spot on earth. even though it is cold. even though we have to wait for the ferry. i love our little island.

...my other peeps. i love that we are loud when we get together. i love that we are many and have as many memories togther. i love that in-laws and exxes are welcome.

also i love:

fruit and water.
crafts and paper.
blogs and internet.
music and quiet.

and many, many more things.

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that today, i choose love...

4 kommentarer:

  1. They say we choose how we face our day. Nice to choose love. Why not every day instead of just on February 14th? Great idea!

  2. Your board with photos is beautiful, I love it!
    Your first bit though... such great words :) Beautiful family.

  3. i love that board too...i think you need to give us a little tour of your home! yellow makes me so happy i the winter and really makes me look forward to spring. love you love list! : ) have a great day!

  4. lovely little island and we should celebrate our love for the big and small things daily! stopping by from lucky number 13. i host tea on tuesday, too. feel free to join in sometime, too!