torsdag 11 november 2010

handmade holiday list 2010

the past few years i have done more and more of handmades for christmas. i have done a ton of things, you can see last years here (a few more). i do this because it is so much fun and you can save a ton of money trying to remake really expensive stuff.

i do make a few paper christmas cards every year. not because i think that people will save ours , but becasue i think it is fun and i love to get handmade cards. this is the foundation for our holiday cards this year. i have used the poladroid tool to make a polaroid of a impromptu familyphoto :) we´ll see how i will embellish it!
i have also made a e-card using a few templates. more on that in a later post!

this year i have a new list of handmades that i plan to make:

*pinecone-garland (much like this and this)

* pom-pom ornaments

in the making :)

* felted pot-holders (like i showed here)

* photobooks (i use shutterfly for these)

* photo calendar (i used the tool at big huge labs)

* hot chocolate spoons ( i am so excited to make these!)

one thing that wasn´t on the list are these log candleholders

a friend of mine drilled the holes for me, but i am sure i could have done it myself.
i bought metallic tealight holders from the craft store and tada! i absolutely love them!

well, that is the list so far. i am sure it will be more stuff.

i have been so inspired by these people and projects:

and many many more :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. I've made some log candle holders like yours, with Gordon's help of course! And, I so remember making pom poms as a glad to see that craft!

  2. hello lisa
    thank you for your encouragements for my dec daily... and i am impatient to discover yours!
    I really love your handmade gifts, especially the candle holders! and thanks for the chocolate spoon link : it seems very yummy!

  3. I'm so inspired by the handmade holiday stuff... I wish that I was crafty enough (and had enough time!!) to do it!!