lördag 13 november 2010

december minibook - in the making

ok,ok i am doing a december daily - kinda.
i am doing a more december whenever mini this year. i don´t want to do the daily thing, but i want to fill the mini with photos i take through out the month.

the mini is very much inspired by the 2 queens of minibooks atleast they are for me :)
alas the mini is done with a ton of different papers bound together with 2 bookrings.

i have added a plasticpocket here and there in the mini, but i haven´t done any embellsihing at all. i have printed and cut and gathered bits and pieces that i will use as embellsihments in the mini, but for now they are all sitting in an envelope ready to be used during the actual month.

as i print my photos at home, i know i can just add them in there whenever i want.
i will go with full 15x10cm photos and possibly some index sizes.
i look forward to getting started with the december minibook!

here are the links to a few of the embellsihments i am going to use:

Book labels (free download, scroll down a bit)

edited: i also want to see or read about how you display minibooks.
do you?

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  1. Hello Lisa
    Your december project seems very cool! Your idea to let it free and to fill it as you feel day after day is good!
    Thanks for all the links and especially for Monika's one : I didn't know her yet and her blog is full of inspiration and wonderfull projects!
    Have a good sunday