fredag 12 november 2010

i remember... ~a layout~

gah! i do this all to often, i find so many cool pages and projects online and i try to saved them through my tumblr, but at times i don´t and that also means i can´t always give proper credit for the inspiration :(
this is a time like that...i found an awesome layout while bloghopping one day,saved it to use as inspiration and now i can´t for the life in me remember where i found it...maybe a company blog? if you do know please let me know!

edited: thank you emily! she let me know that the layout is from studio calicos latest guest designer gillian nelson!

anyway, here it is (above). isn´t it yummy?! the pages makes me feel all moushy inside :) and i knew right away i had to create something like it!

i decided to use an old idea for this. a few years ago i was thinking of making a minialbum called "i remember" and was going to include all of those small and big memories i have from my daughter growing up. well, the minialbum didn´t happen, but i still kept the list of events i wanted to remember.
and when i saw that cool layout i thought of saving those memories with a list.
i am so loving this layout! i know maybe you shouldn´t say that, but i do love it so!

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  1. It's from the SC gallery this month...the guest designer!!! Love that layout...and your take on it!!