torsdag 4 november 2010

31 things before 32

i thought i would re-visit my 31 things to do before i turn 32. here we go:

1. show my photos in a show (check!)

2. take lots of photos in budapest (check!)

3. have more journaling on my layouts (i do try!)

4. attend my 15th school reunion (my daughter got the stomach flu the night before!)

5. dance (well, i do dance while at work, the 1 and 2 yearolds are very impressed by my moves!)

6. really go to the local art gallery (i am so ashamed that i never did go!)

7. do something alone with my nephew and neices, one at the time (well, i have until february, right?!

8. walk on the hills on the mainland

9. walk atleast 30 minutes 5 days a week

10. stop drinking coke (very happy to say check!)

11. simplify my wardrobe (i have donated tons of clothes this past year!)

12. give my daughter more photo challenges (check and fun too!)

13. get new glasses (check!)

14. use a step counter (not at all check)

15. wear nailpolish more often (check and i love it!)
16. rent the gymnasium

17. work on getting paid to shoot(check!)

18. crochet (check. alot!)

19. make something in concrete (check!)

20. stop biting my nails (i am skipping this one!)

21. work on my relationships with friends

22. make a photobook (check)

23. declutter (it´s a work in progress)

24. drink more water (check)

25. call my grandma and grandpa more often

26. go camping

27. spend more time without tv

28. see beauty in simple things (check)

29. write loveletters (check)

30. go to the museum
31. have picnicks (check)

Well, i do have a few more months, but it isn´t likely that i will go camping between now and maybe i have to do a better job next year?!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ho stop! Wait a minute!!!
    You can go camping... just put up a tent in the middle of the livingroom! I've done it.... it's fun! So.... Go camping and check that box haha!

    Love Inge

  2. Love this list!!! :) And I love that you are going back and holding yourself accountable!! ;)