söndag 21 november 2010

a frozen walk and a love for snow ~ the layouts

me and dixon took a wonderful frozen morning walk this week and wow it was beautiful out!
i knew i wanted to use every photo i took, so i took to the trustworthy bighugelabs and made a photo mosaic. i used the 4*4 with large middle for this one, but i left the first slot blank which made a mosaic without the large center at first. saved and printed. then went back and uploaded just one photo to the same kind of mosaic (the first slot) which made a mosaic with only the large photo in the middle. saved and printed. then i cut out the larger photo and put the letter stickers on and adhered it to the mosaic with 3d gluedots so that it would be a little more visual. i have crystal wilkersons new digital elements and that snowflake was perfect for this page!


if you would like to see the photos abit larger you can visit me on flickr!


i might aswell admit it; i do love the first snow! that is the journaling on the above layout :)
i just see now that it looks all dirty down in the corner, but it doesn´t in real life. weird.
anyway, i used a printable from shimelles "journal your christmas" class last year for the "first" die cut and the journaling tag is from elle studio. i did some handstitching for the SNOW and it was fun!

i bought a pack of these heart doilies a few years ago and i always seem to forget about them! i used some small cookie liners for the flower :)

look for another post from me this weekend! i have other stuff to share :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. hello Lisa
    Your layouts are cool and I like your guerilla art bag very much! I think it's a very good idea to always have this little kit with you in USA!
    Have a nice trip in America!

  2. Wow, love both of these! Gorgeous!