söndag 7 november 2010

a few digi shares

first up, i just want to say my heart is full with the love that you have send my way lately ♥ i hold your words tightly in my heart all day.

second up, i also want to say that when i say "digi shares" i mean just that; shares. i am sharing with you. i am NOT saying look how good i am at this digi thing. because i am SO not! but i did play around a bit yesterday with a few of crystal wilkersons rounded templates and i had fun :)

so here we go, with the shares :)

i love crystals october paper pack. the colors are so yum!

oh, and late last night i made some yummy bokeh when i played with some camera settings :) i may or may not have done a silly happy dance when i saw these :) especially the heart bokeh ♥♥♥

the camera embellishments are from the aneal-photogentic kit, the chalkboard paper is from kitchy digitals and the photograph twill is also from the photogentic kit.

i was babysitting my friends cutiepie and took some photos. i made this for her mother as a small thank you for letting me borrowing her treasure!

the patterned papers are from crystals december paper packs from 2009.

ok, please be gentle :)

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