tisdag 9 november 2010

virtual coffee

i am glad you made your way here today, even though we woke up to a small snowstorm here :)

let´s pour up some hot coffee right away, don´t we.

if we were to have coffee together today, i would tell you about the insanity that goes on at work lately! i think the kids might be sick of us adults and eachother :) there is so much picking and fighting right now that i need to find my sanity everyday!

if we were to have coffee today, i would tell you how happy i was late saturday night when i played with my camera with the lights i had set up friday. and i made bokeh hearts! i was thrilled! i had tried before, but i thought it was bogus that you could get heartshapes just by taping a small piece of paper with a heart puched out on the lens. it.was.not :)

if we were to have coffee today, i would tell you that i am flying to USA in 13 days :)
oh, my gosh! i am starting to feel the butterflies! i have written my list of things to pack and all the papers are in order *fingers crossed*! now i just can´t wait to finally go!

and finally if we were to have coffee today, i would ask you if you are doing a december daily this year? i have made a  few this past years, but i can´t decide if i should do it again. or in a new format? or just a few days? or with a new theme? i need your opinion!

thnak you so much for joining me for coffee today! i always enjoy your company ♥


6 kommentarer:

  1. i need more details on exactly what a december daily is...? i love your heart bokeh! i tried it once too and although it didn't ook all that great i too was amazed that it worked at all. i feel like my kids have been picking at each other, teasing, etc constantly, too. time for me to start using the Santa threat to save my sanity! : ) have a great day...thanks for coffee!

  2. Thanks for having me over for coffee! :-) I'm new to Amy's Virtual Coffee and really enjoying visiting everyone. I haven't ever done a December Daily, but every year I play with the idea of doing it. Maybe this year I should just do it and quit thinking about it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I also need more info on the Dec daily. It sounds intriguing. Your snow pictures have me trembling in my boots, but your heart bokeh made me smile.

    My kiddos just stopped bickering last week. We have hit a calm period before another picking/teasing period commences again.

    thanks for coffee chica!

  4. What is a December daily? Is that like an advent calendar?

    I like your furry hood on your coat!!! I've always wanted one of those.

    I believe my girls are arguing so much lately because they want to watch my head literally explode. They've almost succeeded twice.

  5. Oh - I have never heard of that trick for the heart shaped bokeh! I will have to give it a whirl. Fun stuff :D Good luck with your travels!

  6. Hi Lisa
    Thank you for your virtual coffee!
    I like your heart bokeh but i really don't know how to do the same with my camera!
    I decided to make a december daily (like AE) and hope you are going to make one that you would share with us : i really love your scrap style!
    You can see my december daily on my blog if you want... I hope this year I will success to do mine until the 24 december! ;)