torsdag 10 juli 2008

LP love

Ok, here we go! I have seen these lovely things people have done with LP records. I have been dying to try that but frankly i have been afraid to try :)
But today i just went out to buy some old LP´s in a thrift shop and went a head. So, here is how i did!

As i see beautiful and useful things in everything, i chose LP´s with nice coverings :) i can use them in other projects ;) Firstly I put the oven on 175 degrees celcius. i also went to the garage to get some good working gloves. I got a set of three different size glass bowls.

Now, the fun begins! I put the record ontop of the glass bowl and put it in the owen. I watched closely and ready with my working gloves on I opened the oven when i saw that the edges of the record started to curl up. This takes 20 seconds! Then i quickly just pushed the middle of the record down in to the bowl, this will automatically make the scallop edge.

I acctually re-did the first bowl. I just simply put it back into the oven and shaped it all over again :)

Here they are all in a row!

:) i didn´t have any candy at home (!) so i filled one of the bowls with a few of my daughters Littelst Pet Shop animals!

Girls! You just have to try this! It is soooo simple! I was so excited that it was so simple! I made 5 bowls in less then 5 minutes and it didn´t smell a thing! I was prepared and had good ventilation but i acctually turned it of after a few bowls because there was no need. We have a birthday celebration next weekend and i am planning on taking one of these filled with some yumminess to the birthday girl!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, vad coolt!!!
    Måste prova detta!!!

  2. these are so awesome. thanks for sharing!

  3. wow they are so cool :) I may even give that a go myself :)

  4. i've seen these before, but i love the idea of filling them with birthday surprises or other surprises as gifts :)

    fun fun!