söndag 8 januari 2012

project life week 1

ok, maybe i should add a project to my 2012 project list...
i will attempt to make a diy project life project and here is my very first week.

i am using photo page protectors with 4 slots, so one week is 8 slots. on the first page i added 2 large photos and then journaling cards right next to them. i added the food we have eaten this week. and a magical moment i am sharing more about tomorrow. 

the second page holds a few instax photos, the weather report, journaling and movie ticket stubs. 

i had fun using small bits and pieces that were left overs from other projects and my sewing machine. 

i look forward to see where this project takes me and i will also see how long i will keep it up. as for now i look forward to next week :)

and yes, i have tried the project life idea before, in may 2011. if you click over there you can see how i made my own page protectors and journaling cards. this time i have a few digital kits by becky higgins that i print and have a stash of on my desk. 

thanks for the visit!

i wanted to let youall know i am working really hard on planning my next blog hosting week at Write Click Scrapbook and i am having way to much fun :) my week starts monday February 6th! i hope that you´ll join me! can you tell the theme? ;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great start on your self made Project Life. Love the idea of self made.
    I have trouble keeping up with it, never finished my Summer 2011 book---still working on it.
    Only have one day left on my December Daily to do.........so I'm not too sure about a full year of Project Life.

  2. well, as i said in the post, we´ll see how long i will keep it up :)

  3. Underbar början på ditt album, ser fram emot resten! Din kommande blogginlägg ser också spännande ut! Tack för inspirationen!