söndag 8 maj 2011

project life in may post #4 ~ first week

my new project in may is as you might know, to do a project life inspired album for may only. 
i am proud to show you my very first week spread. 

so, here is a look at the spread. as you can see i used a few of the elements i made before i started the project. i included a screen shot of the news of the death of bin laden because it has just taken over the news internationally this week. i also included a post that my daughter did on her facebook about the snow (!) we got earlier this week. i journalled about how the air just went out of my husband and me this past thursday. we were so very tired, and sure enough today we both have soar throats :(
the ladies over at eighteen25 had a fun free download and i took that, resized it to fit beside the bottom photo. 
in this shot you can also see the long journaling tag i made in WORD and ofcourse it is inspired by ali edwards digital long journalers which i love.

here are a closer look.

on the back of the long journal tag i added a mosaic i did using picnik with my daughters photos from the week. she is really into learning angles and such with her photography right now and we took a photowalk together this week. 
i also printed more cards for my photo buisness this week and added one of those. this week i wrote a ridiculously long to-do list and added that in there too. 
oh, and we finally got our new old caravan home this weekend and i added photos of that.  

a closer look at page two.

i simply added one of the extra slots for another photo of our caravan. i used the slots i premade

what have i thought about this week when in process for this?
well, i have been tossed about what to include and not. i guess i think that since i am doing this for 5 weeks now, i don´t have to have the everyday things all in the first week. i do love the idea of adding more pages right in there every week. i know a few of you project lifers add the scrapbook layouts that you make each week to your project life albums. i don´t know if i´ll do that...

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  1. I love the Hello Spring on that photo. Is that a digital element or font?