fredag 20 januari 2012

Scrap you teen ~ from WCS

this week Amy Sorensen has hosted the Write Click Scrapbook blog with theme scrap your teens. and although my teen is just barely one, she has teen tendencies already :)
i contributed to Amys week with two layouts. 

the first was featured on day 1 and here i have shared (in the pocket) things i see that my daughter has in common with me when i was her age. Amy shares tips to take away from each layout that she features. here is the ones for this layout:

Idea Take Away Get in the photos with your teenagers. I know. This is hard! You feel self conscious and you wish you weighed less or your hair looked better or your teeth were whiter. But, trust me. It doesn’t matter. Even if you feel silly—ask someone else to take the photos. (If you have more than one teen? Hand over your camera. Their perspective on you will surprise you!) Think about it: do you have any photos of yourself as a teen with your mom? I have precious few, and I wish I had more, and if you don’t do this, your teen will one day be an adult with the same impossible wish.

the second is up today. the challenge was to capture the simple, everyday details. i shared this layout that is titled life with a(an almost) teenager:

"Life with an almost teenager is: full of joy, emotions and is a bit 

loud. One or two ‘awkward’ questions and sleepy mornings also 


Amy says:

Idea Take Away Actually, there are two for this layout! First. Notice the big pennant Lisa uses as an anchor for her journaling space? I love that and am totally going to steal her idea. I’m a firm believer that journaling spaces are too often overlooked as a design element. We slap down the journaling and get it over with! But if you add some embellishment, shape, detail, color, or texture, your journaling becomes more visually important—and more likely to be read!
The second idea take away is Lisa’s photo choice. Teenager’s lives now are so dominated by easy accessibility to technology! (I don’t know about you, but I didn’t own my own camera until my twenties.) Raid your teen’s memory card or cell phone pics for some images. Their perspective on the world is so unique and revealing.

go check the entire week out! 

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