tisdag 10 januari 2012

the first scrapbooking post of 2012

i thought i might share a few new layouts today. 

this first one is a story of how i glanced over my shoulder at the dinner table at Christmas and saw my (almost) 4 year old neice handling the iphone like nobody´s buisness :) it´s extraordinary to me to think that she doesn´t know technology that isn´t instant and available. she is a child of her time and we are children of ours i guess. 

just before my beloved printer died (it served me good the last 7 years!) i was able to print a few black and white photos from when i spend sometime with my princess nieces :)
these were taken with my new tripod and my husband behind the camera. i love that he allowed some white space so i could journal there :)
i rarely use patterned paper for my whole backgrounds but with black and white photos i think i can make it work better. 

ok, i´ll see you back here tomorrow for a new from pin to reality post! yay! 

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