fredag 27 januari 2012

Re-scrap 2012 | january

january is coming to an end and that means i am going to share my new pages that are based on 3 older ones. 

here is the older layout

this is what i did this month. not a direct copy i know, but i did have the old layout in mind :)

here is the second old page. 

isn´t it funny i chose wintery photos for both layouts!
i used to create the mosaic and left the large box in the middle blank so i could add in my title. 

and here is the third and last old layout.

as you can see this is more directly inspired by the older layout. the photo is of me and my sisters coffeecups that shows three different colors which really represent us as sisters; we are so different from eachother. 

well, i really enjoyed this project and will be sharing februarys layouts that i will have as inspiration to re-scrap! 

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