fredag 13 januari 2012

my first Take Twelve

here is a quick show of my Take Twelve shots from yesterday!
i am doing my layout this weekend and will do a proper post soon!

i put up a tumblr where i share my instagram photos, if you´d like to see :)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hello, I am your latest follower and I also took 12 photos and edited them on Instagram :) I am trying to find an easy way to make a grid with them to blog them as well but I don't have Photoshop... how did you do yours?

  2. Hi Nathalie! Thanks for following me :)

    I use to make most of my collages. There is also a site called that is great too!

    Good luck!


  3. Thank you! I forgot about bighugelabs. I used that to post my 12 :)

  4. You'll be so good at this project, Lisa! You're off to a great start!

  5. Cool. I love your slice of life photos.

  6. Awesome collection of photos Lisa. Will wait for your layout and design. But I'm sure everything will be great.

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  7. nice capture of photographs. i really like it how you capture those photos. awesome!
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