lördag 28 januari 2012

from pin to reality ~ epic fail

i thought i´d amuse you all with a from pin to reality project that failed. yes, they do that from time to time, don´t they! 

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ok, so i set out to make the fairly simple craft of crayon hearts. it is a craft that i have wanted to do forever. 

ok, so if i had the photo from pinterest infront of me while setting out to do this, i would have NOT shaved the crayons for crying out loud! it stuck to everything and i even got a blister from the knife ;)

you see the mess, right? anyway, i did this pan and another one in plastic that you can spot in the first photo. 

yup! not oven safe. hehe...

the shattered hearts are from the above photo and the others are from the other pan, which are ok i guess but not thick enough to be worth the work really...:(

if i do make this craft again i am just chopping the wax crayons up and maybe use a deeper pan :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. The colors are kinda pretty though. :)

  2. This is on my list of things to do...I think they look okay!! :)

  3. I did this for Isabella's Kindergarten class and used an oven-safe heart shaped bendable "tin" to bake them. I also got blisters snapping all the crayons small enough. But, they did look cute!