söndag 1 januari 2012

Write Click Scrapbook ~ January gallery!

our theme this month was "today". gosh that you can make so many things with that theme! i made 2 layouts.

first, i made a digital layout using Crystal Wilkersons Notebook template #1-4 and Funky Christmas kit. if you haven´t seen the Funky Christmas kit yet, jump on over and take a look! so many cute things in there, perfect for when you are going to make those holiday layouts now! for the journaling i used a title sentence: what i want to remember about today...and then listed the things i wanted to remember about the 24th of december. i am planning to print this page and put it in my regular paper layout album. 

however, i am terribly impatient and when my beloved printer died on me the day before i wanted to print the digital layout, i made a paper version too :) 

left side

right side

i also made a page where i listed the currents. i do this from time to time and love to look back at these pages!

now go check out the great gallery
ps. i might be a little early posting the link, so check back during the day to find the launch post!

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