lördag 27 mars 2010

this past week

 this past week has been an ordinary week in our lifes really. and as i want to start celebrating everyday life more again i wanted to just savior things that are indeed ordinary in our extraordinary sweet life. so here are a few things from this week.

* monday was the first day back at work for me since my "breakdown" last week. it felt good to go back, since i love my job so much and also it keeps my mind on other things. working with kids is my blessing, it really is.
i also had a night meeting with the culture group that i am in. we are hard at work for our big event that takes place here on "my" island may 22-23. it is going to be 24 hours filled with different cultural activities such as theater, exhibitions, rock conserts and guitar hero at the library ;) my role is to get my own photos together for my exhibition (alot of work, belive it or not) and i also manage the website, adds, pamflets and such. it is fun work, but takes some time.

* we have had some rainy days, but it sure feels like spring. the air is warmer and the sun rays warms up really fast when it is not windy. i have seen the first spring flowers and it is an awesome feeling. we thought that spring would be very late this year since we have had so much snow for so long. we are happy we were wrong :) and today after we had just a touch of rain it smelled like after a summer rain ♥

* my daughter has been in such a variating mood this week. i guess it is the age ( she is 10,5) and i am sure things are happening inside her that she can´t understand or put words to. i am lost sometimes when it comes to her. maybe i am just not used to this, but then on the other hand i went through my old scrapbooks and stumbled over this layout and that was almost 3 years ago!!! oh, and i also think that there are way less litterature on tweenies that there are about babies, toddlers and teenagers, why is that??

* i felt such an amazing feeling on tuesday as i loaded up the trailor twice with branches and other stuff from the garden to take to the recycling place. it was the first time i had done that on my very own!!! (for new readers, i got my drivers liecens this past august!) when i had finished i just about high fived myself!

* my daughter got a bulls eye on her weekly english glosary!!! she is such her mamas girl :) the only bad thing about her learning english is that me and my husband need to learned a new language so we still can have a "secret" language haha...

* my husband has worked so very hard on our new heating system all week. and it will be so good when it is all installed and working without any fuss.

* i have worked on some news for the shop. also i have researched how to get the buisness going. it is faschinating how a well known name can make a huge difference. i mean even though your products are average you´ll make huge sales if you have the "right" name. makes me frustrated.

* today (saturday) i am going to make my contribution to the swedish child cancer association. today is the day for the big "spin of hope" event. you basically need to have a spinning bike running 12 straight hours with a team of bikers. so each biker "spin" one hour and we paid a fee for having a bike and the that goes straight to research of child cancer. during the day there will be different ways to make a contribution. i am looking forward to this, perhaps my butt will be sorry tomorrow ;)

* we have had really good homework time this week. my daughter has one hour of homework everyday, sometimes even if she doesn´t have homework for the next day. and it worked so well this week and it makes me sigh of relief.

* i actually had some time and mojo to do some scrapbooking this week also! i am so happy that i am able to show you in scrapbook sunday tomorrow!

* for tomorrow (sunday) i am looking forward to this weeks rerun of grey´s anatomy which is the one show on tv i follow now that project runway is over. sunday afternoon is special to me because of greys :)

ok, i hope to see you here tomorrow for scrapbook sunday!

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