tisdag 2 mars 2010

my new list

ok, so i kinda don´t want to even go over my last list, because i didn´t do very well. but i am happy to announce that it is not going to stop me from making a new list for this year. if you don´t know what i am talking about :) i am talking about my list i did last year with 30 things to do before i turn 31. and since i turned 31 on february 22nd it is time to announce my new list:

1. show my photos in a show
2. take lots of photos in budapest
3. have more journaling on my layouts
4. attend my 15th school reunion
5. dance
6. really go to the local art gallery
7. do something alone with my nephew and neices, one at the time
8. walk on the hills on the mainland
9. walk atleast 30 minutes 5 days a week
10. stop drinking coke
11. simplify my wardrobe
12. give my daughter more photo challenges
13. get new glasses
14. use a step counter
15. wear nailpolish more often
16. rent the gymnasium
17. work on getting paid to shoot
18. crochet
19. make something in concrete
20. stop biting my nails
21. work on my relationships with friends
22. make a photobook
23. declutter
24. drink more water
25. call my grandma and grandpa more often
26. go camping
27. spend more time without tv
28. see beauty in simple things
29. write loveletters
30. go to the museum
31. have picnicks

Oh, and here are Elise´s list and Andrea`s from who i got the idea from the start :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. en härlig lista!
    skulle oxå vilja göra ngt liknande.

    du frågade om fotograf för bröllopet för ett tag sedan å jag har glömt att svara. vi har bokat mikaela rudhner. än så länge har vi ingen bokad plats att ha bröllop och fest på så det är ju lite nervöst nu. men det ska nog gå vägen.:)

  2. ack no more coke!

    good luck with your list :)

    beautiful photo of you, absolutely beautiful :)

    any chance you will show us your new haircut? I still haven't seen it yet.