söndag 21 mars 2010

a proper scrapbook sunday - yay!

Ok, let´s just kick this started, right!
i am so thrilled that though i have had pretty much a rough week all around, that i still managed to scrapbook a little. it makes me happy! i guess a little like therapy, but the paper and glue kind. when i was sick another time i buried myself in my scrapbook room and i don´t thing i have created so many layouts ever in just one month. 53!

when i had taken this photo i had a week of "i will give dixon away and pay the people who take him"! hehe he can be a handful sometimes. but the truth is that i do love him so very much!

number 11 on my list is to simplify my wardrobe. so one day i made such a mess in my bedroom, but then it resulted in one giant bag to charity and a rainbow wardrobe for me ;)  
oh, and that red patterned paper is so beautiful, i bought it last week and it is bo bunny called love bandit bee mine ;) oh, and the journaling tag is from the download area over at the container store site which i printed on the same craft paper as my background.
edited: i cannot seem to find the download area anymore, but f you are interested i can email you a pdf!

as most of you know i live on an island in one of the biggest lakes in sweden. it is also a very deep lake which means that it freezes very rarely. but this year, as we have had a very cold winter, it freezed enough to be able to go out and fish on the lake and to take long, long walks on. you can see some more photos of my winter here.
the page is inspired my the lovely kristens photos here. i loved that she used paper and glue to make the photos pop even more! and i though that a yellow banner would be lovely on this page.

this is part of a 2 page layout, but i couldn´t stitch them together properly to show you. this layout started during a sick week home with my daughter. we did all sorts of arts and crafts (it is the best therapy after all!). among others we did handprints together. mine is the blue one and my 10 year old daughters is on the right...see anything strange? i know! how the heck did she get almost larger hands than me in 10 years!!!

i love the fact that we did them though and i know that i will cherish these handprints all my life!

ok, that is it from me today!

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