måndag 8 mars 2010

crochet much?

One of the things on my list for this year is; crochet. and i have done fairly much alread i think! i got 2 books for my birthday which i love. the first one is a book by Ericka Laurell. the book is in swedish but her blog is in english, if you are interested in getting crochet tips and patterns. the book has a vintage feel to it and has so many cute projects. just the cover is delicious i think! there are patterns for everything from a bikini to necklaces. here are a few projects:

the other book is one from author frida pontén. and omg! i love this book so much, i have already made quite a few projects from this one. the photos are colorful and the patterns are easy to follow even for a hobby cochetter like me. here are a few of the projects from the book that i have already made:

i used this (photo above) pattern to make my 2 very first hats! isn´t it lovely. i used other colors...here is the green one:

when i finsihed the hat i wanted something extra, so i threaded a green ribbon through the holes and made a neat little bow. for the other hat i chose 2 different yarns:

the little flower detail is from this pattern below.

this thin kinda scarf was so easy to do i just have to take some photos of the ones i have made!

these balls are now on my keys so that it is easy to find them in my bag ;) these would also make a cute necklace i think.

next project for me is to make small flowers maybe to cover up sauce stains on my daughters white t shirt:

i´ll let you know how that goes!

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