lördag 6 mars 2010

polaroid heart project

i have seen so many of these cute hearts made of polaroid prints around the internet. among others this one from dear lizzy.

and this one found on flickr

i love this and i also loved the fact that it is so easy to do! as i don´t have a polaroid camera i used the application from poladroid.net and used on my photos. opened them in a word document and printed. 

after cutting them out i played around with placing and when i thought it was good i added gluedots to the back of the photos (make sure the glue dots are removable) and put them up!

as you see i used 18 polaroids and you can easily do more ore even less, just make sure you have enough to make the shape that you are after! my pola heart makes me happy where it sits on the bathroomdoor!


scrapbook saturday will be posted a little later today or even tomorrow!

2 kommentarer:

  1. this looks fantastic and you take such beautiful pictures!

  2. i ditto exactly what melissa said. :)