söndag 14 mars 2010

scrapbook sunday + shop news!

ok, so i didn´t have any time to do some scrapbooking myself this week. shocker i know :) but i did however find tons of great pages from other people. so, today i am going to share a few of the pages i have seen this week, floating around internet.

(from april foster)
i love pretty much everything on this page! i love the photo and the fact that it is divided into three, the scallopped edges and the map paper.

(from lisa dickinson)

the die cut shape ofcourse is one thing i love, but also the colors. i also like that she put the little frame on the larger photo. and i don´t even have to start on the banner, right!

(from cheryl ametewee)

this must be the first page ever to have had the hospital bracelets on it and still not in a odd way. i have wanted to do something with those bracelets, but have never ever seen such a classy and clever way!

i am totally drawing inspiration from this theme! but i think i will do a renovation twist on it!

i love that susan used black and white photos for this layout! i need to do that more again. the colorful page makes the photos pop even more! i also love the little tag on the top!

(from this studiocalico member)

how i love the use of tape here! and circles and especially the little tape by the title!

ok, i don´t have anything more to say about this layout than w.o.w!


i also have a new item in my shop!

since Paris is one of my favorite places on earth i needed to make a set of the paris venue photos.  

thank you all for the response i have gotten about opening shop! now, i only have to make some sales ;)
to help that i am having a special offer:

if you buy a polaroid print set you also get to choose one more single print from the shop for free!

so, go see what you would like in the shop!

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  1. Great pages! I am soooo gonna buy lots and lots of those polas once I'm back home.... YAY!