söndag 28 mars 2010

scrapbook sunday - yay

ok, here we go. a true sign of spring is when the kids are out on the trampoline. i love the laughter that comes from the back of the garden. this year the snow was still on the ground when the temps were up. i finally bought a butterfly punch :)

another layout where i celebrate the fact that spring really is here. i added text to the photo in Photoshop Elements easy peasy. the font is called rough typewriter and is a free font.

i love this one! i used sharilyns gracious free pattern download from february as the patterend paper part on this layout. isn´t is cute. the layout is about how impressed i am that my daughter actually has hold on to her intrest in horses and riding for a long time.
and she is good at it too!

some nintendo ds love :) during a ferry ride my daughter was sorting her games and i asked her to make a list of her favorites. i love when i can use her handwriting in projects! i am not loving the rub-on words on the to, but hey what do you do!

what have you been creating lately?

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