lördag 31 maj 2008

quick request!

hello blog readers! I finnaly figured out what to give my twin neices for their blessing day; i am making them each a "2008 memory box". In their boxes I am going to put things from this year, like a newspaper, a coin, something from the olympics etc.

So, my small request is can you please come up with some other stuff to put in there! I am going to be adding to the boxes throughout the year.

thanks! ♥

4 kommentarer:

  1. what about an election flyer? since it is an election year..
    something that shows how much gas is!
    a tv guide? (to show what is popular on tv this year?)

    my brain is stalled that is all I can think of lol

  2. Maybe go to the library and get a copy of the frontpage of the newspaper the day they were born. If they were born in 2008 that is :)

    A list of haw much things cost in 2008; milk, coffee, a bus ride etc

    A CD with music from this year, but this one yo'll have to wait for. Like Best of 2008. There collection albums that hit the store, Summer 2008.

    That was my ideas, really nice present to give away.

  3. Ville bara säga: YAY så coolt att du blivit scrapjacked!! Wooot! Hoppas ni haft en fin helg.


  4. You can get uncirculated coins from banks (you have to request it). I did a time capsule in 1999/2000 and put in a grocery store receipt, photos, newspaper front page, money, and lists of what I liked, where I lived, etc. You could also put a hand or foot print from them. They might get a kick out of seeing how much they grew (?). Whatever you do I am sure it will be adorable and appreciated.