torsdag 29 maj 2008

dog photography

Living with pets makes photo opportunities for photoshoots :) Especially cats just go around and do poses the whole day :) I have snapped a few good(ish) photos of the pets in my family.But I wanted to share a few links to some other professionals :)

Erin Vey has been in my Flickr contacts forever and I am always amazed by her photos. Turns out she is a dog photographer! Check her Flickr gallery out too.

Jennifer Pebbles
have some cute dog photos too.

I know that Tara Whitney has taken some family shoots with dogs too, but I can´t seem to find them right now.


Charlotte Reeves here too.

So, after those lovely inspirations I took Dixon on a 2 hour walk/swim yesterday night. We had to do some leechtraining. So we walked down to the lake and oh my Gosh did he swim! He even jumped from the dock!

And I snapped alot of photos! It makes me happy! I tried to play with the sun light a little.

ok, that will be it! Have a wonderful day!

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